Want to Reduce Energy consumption, Increase comfort & safety, Reduce pollution, Make your economy stronger & Increase your energy security? SATHYA ENERGY gives you the Energy Management Solutions you need to succeed

Why do you need to plan for energy management ?

The government mandates are clear. Reduce overall energy use. Rely more on energy from renewable sources. Measure and manage energy use more carefully. Of course, the mandates apply to all government buildings, but the government and utilities strongly urge commercial and industrial enterprises to manage their energy usage.

Sathya Energy’s Five areas to assist your energy management plan:

1. Energy Audit
2. Project Planning /Enabling Products / Reports
3. Project Execution & implementation
4. Monitoring & Reporting
5. Service Support 24/7

Why do you need to choose Sathya Energy Management Solutions?

Sathya Energy can assist you with any or all of your energy management journey, helping to ensure actionable, measurable and sustainable results. Energy Management Solutions will help you to effective use of Energy to maximize profits.

Sathya Energy’s management solutions create your energy   SAFELY, RELIABLY, PRODUCTIVELY & EFFICIENTLY  work for you

Sathya Energy’s 4 steps for Energy Efficiency

Sustaining Energy savings is easy, just follow the 4 Energy Efficiency steps
1. Measure
2. Fix the basics
3. Automate
4. Monitor and Improve

Sathya Energy’s features

1. Customer Oriented Energy Management Solutions based on Applications
2. Projects Planning & Execution by Experts.
3. Latest Power & Energy Efficiency Technologies
4. Affordable Project Costs
5. Quick Return Of Investment
6. Extended Service Support after Warranty Period