Energy STEP

A simple, scalable approach to energy savings

throughout the energy efficiency life cycle

Energy STEP is a tiered approach to energy efficiency, allowing you to align your savings

goals with your investment capabilities. EnergySTEP allows you to save energy and reduce

GHG emissions across the entire energy efficiency life cycle.

 A proven methodology for energy efficiency

Our structured process, professional software and worldwide network of energy experts

help you generate both short-term quick savings and long-term energy management plans.

We help you achieve sustainable savings that decrease your operating expenses and boost

your bottom line.

Identify potential savings

Increased visibility of your energy consumption•

Benchmarking of your electrical equipment and installations•

Energy savings solutions with estimated ROI report •

Invest to reduce consumption with proof of profitability

Prioritisation of your energy efficiency management plan•

Optimised tariff management and reduction of electricity bill•

Reduction of CO2 emissions •

Commitment to achieved savings •

Monitor and sustain savings

Monitoring of all energy sources•

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) definition •

Real time monitoring and continuous improvement•

 Solutions suited to your investment capacity

  • Detection of potential savings•
  • Demonstration of proof of savings•

Unique end to end services for changing business needs


Our proven methodology

Our solutions reduce carbon emissions and consumption of electricity, water, air, gas and steam, while

improving business performance and employee productivity. Our proven methodology for energy management

makes it possible to save up to 30% on energy costs.

Our experience